Thursday, 29 October 2020

Possible Tape arc fragment with other sub-par Parry arcs?

 On the 27th of October a quick and interesting halo display took place in Ostrava, Czech Republic. I had little time to observe and the cirrus cloud shield was moving quickly. I was stacking frames with a camera only holding it in my hand. Meanwhile, I took some mobile phone pictures, but the quality is sub-par for any post-processing.

Before the clouds moved to a left-side position of the Sun, a rather weak uppercave Parry was observed.

 I was almost 100 % sure I saw Lowitz arcs as well, but there are no traces of them on single and stacked frames.

Below is a composite of stacked frames with colour, B-R processing, a simulation and its superimposition over the B-R processed stack.

Let me know, what you think.


  1. Certainly looks like a thickening and intensification of colour where the Tape would be. How many images did you manage to stack?