Sunday, 18 August 2019

Odd Radius Display, Southern Ohio, USA, 17th August 2019

On the evening of Saturday, 17th August 2019, I observed this complex pyramidal halo display. In total, I saw a faint 9d halo, lower 9d plate arc, bright 18d plate arc, 18d halo, upper and lower 24d plate arcs and a weak upper 23d plate arc. This display is very similar to the one I captured in 2017, the only difference being the one in 2017 the lower 9d plate arc was bright and colorful and in the present display it was weak.


  1. Title in this post is wrong how do I edit to fix it. This was not in Wisconsin it was in Southern Ohio USA.

    1. Michael, mistake now corrected.

    2. Thanks buddy! What do you think of this odd radius plate arc display? Now I got my 4th lower 9d plate arc and my 2nd upper 24d plate arcs too