Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Odd radius display of 7th June 2017 in Pskov Oblast

Each frame covers ten minutes
The first halo, that was recorded by my camera that day, was a lonely unusual ring. This halo had radius about 18 degrees (1), and it was extremely diffuse and weak. It appeared when quite dense and nondescript high clouds crossed the sun. Just after this mysterious halo, a 22 halo appeared accomponied by a few odd radius halos, such as an upper 23 plate arc, 9, 20, 24 and 35 degrees halos.


  1. It is not every day that solitary 18 halos are photographed. It looks like in the beginning there some other strange stuff too, ghosty halos at unorthodox radii. Have you given these photos any closer scrutiny, made custom length stacks to tease out the weird stuff best?

  2. In this case, the enhancement of images is close to reaching limitations of the sensitivity of my camera. Therefore, custom stacks do not make this stuff more visible. It is quite often the case in my practice that these limitations do not let me to bring out extremely weak halos

  3. Could you anyway provide single images from those interesting first stages of the display?