Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Display of 11th June 2017 in Pskov Oblast

Each frame of animation covers ten minutes
There were not rare halos during the display, exept for a weak upper 23° plate arc and a 9° halo. However, the display contained classic halo forms that were quite bright and long lived. I want to show you how these halos change their distance from the sun and curvature in nature. The thing that I remember most is the bright upper tangent arc, that was seen against a very thin ice cloud layer (1).


  1. Nice display animation, indeed. The separation of the circumzenithal arc is also well shown on this.
    You also seem to have catch a Parry suncave arc and infralateral arcs, both sides.

    What software do you use to stack thoses fisheye images ?

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  3. And one more question: Did you get any other white halo (helic, Wegener,) on a color stack with animation like this one ?

  4. I think it is an upper 23 plate arc rather than a suncave Parry. This arc is diffuse and weak that is not characteristic of a Parry. In addition, the 9 halo appeared together with this arc.

    Software used for stacking those image is Registax. The resulting stacks were combined into the animation through Photoshop. I use this animation method not so long ago, so I have not yet had a chance to record any complex displays, using this.

  5. Very nice animation! I like how the halos change shape when the sin rises and I like how the CZA moves up and down as the sun rises