Sunday, 1 October 2017

Halos on the night of 14/15 December 2016 in Rovaniemi, part IV

Here is the last post in the series. High sun stuff (only turned upside down). A "subhelic 46° infralateral arc" is visible on both sides of the subsun in the above image. Below are two relevant simulations (for 52 degree elevation), an arrow marks the halo. Crystal parameters, given further below, are identical for both simulations.

Below is one more photo for a higher light source elevation angle. Judging by the location of the blue circle segment, I would say the elevation is about 57 degrees. The display was already at decline at this point and before midnight the halos were gone because the fog disappeared. 


  1. Amazing just like the stuff I see in simulations and in the one pic the convex parry is there too

  2. Right Michael, lowervex Parry is there. No lowercave, that one would rather expect at this elevation. In simulation I used semi-triangular crystals to realize this.

  3. Its amazing Marko what these spotlight halos show. I remember seeing those sub-supra/infralateral arcs in halo sim simulations and supra-infralateral arcs around the anthelic region I never dreamed they would be photographed.