Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Display of 3rd August 2017 in Pskov oblast, Russia

Every frame of animation is stack which covers 2,5 min. Colored version is here
At the begining of the display, beautiful cirrus covered the sky, but I did not notice any halos at the time. When I came out a little later, I was surprised to see a bright parhelion and a middle Lowitz arc which crosses it! Cumulus limited the display, so I could observe halos only in gaps between these clouds. There was one short episode when I saw bright upper tangent and suncave Parry arcs. The following rare halos were found in the stacks:

 -well defined upper and middle Lowitz arcs (1) and possible lower Lowitz arc (2)
-part of helic arc (3)
-supralateral Tape arc (4)


  1. Nice display top quality work. Might you add freeze frame from the best stage with Lowitz arcs?

  2. Thank you. I wanted to create several freeze frames and to put names right at them. But I did not want to break holistic view of the display. The highlights of the animation, in any case, are available in the post

  3. Ok, good stuff in those stacks. Great Lowitz arcs.