Sunday, 18 June 2017

Pyramids returned and came with multiple plate arcs

The halos I got earlier today ended at midday but while up mowing the ATV and foot trails I saw halos reappearing! I immediately saw a nice bright lower 9d plate arc my second one since 2002 and both lower 24d plate arcs my best to date! As the clouds moved in closer the halos got better the 18d plate arcs got bright and rather colorful and actually showed a slight curve. At 7:00PM when the sun got low enough for it to happen I got upper 9 and 24d plate arcs and those were two new halo forms for me.


  1. Again, thoses new halos are outstanding.
    I wish I were here.
    You may need to install your camera on a tripod and take pictures on regular interval (like every 10-20s). Therefore, you will be able to try a stacking process, and maybe reveal more rare halos.

    Nice catch!

    1. This was on the same day. The stage where there was 18 and 23d halos and their plate arcs that stage ended at noon but in the evening the halos came back with a vengeance! As far as stacking goes I don't stacking software anymore. I am more of a see it visually type but don't get me wrong stacking is a great.