Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Late diamond dust display in Finland

Cold spring has kept diamond dust popping up late. On 28 April a display with sharp Moilanen arc was seen in Järvenpää of southern Finland and could be the latest one on our records. For certain, nothing nearly this good has been seen this far into the spring. Two people sent photos to Taivaanvahti site. The image above was taken by Jarkko Lakso at 6:14 local time and another image was snapped at 6:55 by Emmi Mäkinen.

The cold air mass seems to be in no hurry going anywhere and is forecasted to even tighten its grip at the end of the week. So who knows we are in for more diamond dust surprises at the summer's door.


  1. great case of perfectly oriented Moilanen crystals!

  2. That M-arc is razor sharp! I bet the ends of the arc poke outside the 22d halo and this would of been a good one to get a crystal sample from