Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lunar display with Lowitz arcs and an unknown arc

On the night between February 10 and 11 a bright lunar halo display in diamond dust was observed in Tampere, Finland. Bright and well defined Lowitz arcs were the most prominent feature. In addition, an unknown arc can also be seen extending downwards from the parhelion. The display was witnessed by Jari Luomanen and Johanna Järventaus.

More images available at:


  1. I think the mystery arc looks like a section of the circumscribed halo going thru the parhelia

    1. Michael, if you look at the last photo in Jari's gallery, you will find that this new arc is not a section of the circumscribed halo

    2. Hi Michael,
      it is no circumscribed halo. as Nikita said, you can check on the wider field images from Jari. you should try to simulate displays to see what matches and what does not.

  2. I checked them out there is an unknown arc and it looks like another circumscribe halo inside the regular circumscribed halo

  3. Panu Lahtinen in Taivaanvahti suggested that the extra arc might just be the so called Schulthess arc. Judging by this observation:
    that could the case.