Friday, 17 March 2017

Weak odd radius display with possible column arcs

This display occurred on 22th February 2017 in Izborsk (Pskov region, Russia). In the morning it was sunny and the first cirrus started to arrive around 13-00. In that moment, I saw a faint 22° halo, but it was visible because the cloud layer was smooth. Also it seemed to me that I saw a 9° halo through the viewfinder of my camera. The stacks showed pyramidal halos such as 9°, 24° and 35° halo.

The 24° halo looks pretty curious, because B-R processing shows the pause in 24° ring in area of upper tangent arc. It reminds me of 24° column arcs from crystals with big tilts. 9° halo also looks curious, brighter on the sides than on the top, what looks like 9° column arcs.

What do you think of that? 

1 comment:

  1. The intensity distribution of circular odd radius halos in the image may indicate a slight column orientation preference. Whether to regard such cases as circular halos or column arcs I guess is pretty much to anyone's taste.