Thursday, 16 March 2017

Some photos of a Rovaniemi spotlight display

This was seen on 24 January 2017 in Rovaniemi. The image above is a total of 24 minutes exposure (48 frames). It shows all four kaleidoscopic arcs, which is not really that uncommon combo in the beam reality. Just before the diamond dust disappeared I took also a rare positive elevation lamp shot as shown below left. It's got 5 minutes total exposure. Below right is one of the first sets of the evening with 3 minutes exposure. The br reveals the insides of 46° and 22° halos are somewhat reddish.

It was quite cold, I think temperature was somewhere around -28° C towards the end of hunt. Unfortunately my halo hunt diary is no more because the folder called "halo" recently disappeared from the computer desktop without leaving a trace. It seems the universe don't want those notes to exist. Already earlier this season it got corrupted, all letters turned into #s. But I have a safety copy which has last winter's notes. At least for the time being.

Thanks to Panu Lahtinen, who stacked the image above when my Halostack had some mysterious glitch.


  1. Ha, that diary of yours, how many times has it become corrupted now? Everything seems to conspire against you retaining it. You either need a paper hard copy, put it in the cloud on Google docs or similar or back it up at least a dozen times. That way you might just about stand a slim chance of salvaging something!

  2. Yes, it seems the diary must go. Possibly a man is sent soon to tell me stop also writing any new entries. That might not be enough, but if the booze, food and attractive woman arrives, then I would give it a serious consideration.

  3. I believe the Finnish Government have an official Department which deals exclusively with this sort of thing. We have a similar one, staffed by grey-suited faceless bureaucrats, who rigorously enforce the non-formation of cirrus over the British Isles. Any that slip under the radar face stiff penalties.