Friday, 10 February 2017

44° parhelion in eastern Finland

Have secondary parhelia made their appearance already this winter somewhere? If not, then here is the first one. On 8 February Kai Kotivuori was skiing on the Pielinen lake, and took a couple of photos of a bright plate display. One photo was framed so that we can see also 44° parhelion. 

Following evening an anonymous observer was fishing burbot around the same area and took photos of a lunar display showing lowervex Parry. 


  1. Where can the photos of the lowervex Parry be seen, Marko? Can you provide a link?

  2. The link is there and I see it on my computer. But I just noticed it is invisible on my phone... Yet it is there in "lunar display".

  3. Thanks, Marko. Now I can see it. Strange that the link remains invisible on the phone.