Saturday, 12 February 2011

Possible elliptical halo

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Half an hour ago I was talking with Jari in the phone and monitored the sky at the same time. There was Stratocumulus drifting fast and it was turning into ice. I saw an elliptical halo and eventually got some photos, but I am not so sure about this anymore. Maybe it is an ellipse, maybe not.

Update: the sky got almost completely overcast for a while, but then Stratocumulus receded and I was ready with camera waiting for the ellipse. Which appeared and also shows up clearly in the photos (the second collase). All together this was a beautiful case. Fast moving low clouds, crystals in the air, iridescence... I have seen in similar conditions an elliptical halo in KilpisjƤrvi while walking up the Saana mountain. Possibly they are not that rare there in early spring around March.

Update II: it turned out many people saw this in Tampere, Helsinki and Lahti. Best photos took Olli Leivo and Jari Luomanen. If my memory is correct, the temperatures in Tampere stations were between -10 and -14° C.

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