Sunday, 6 February 2011

Halo observations by J. R. Blake in the Antarctic (part II)

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Completing the first post of Roger Blake's halo observations in the Antarctic, here are the rest of his halo drawings together with the written descriptions. The display at midnight between 2 and 3 December 1958 comes as two dravings in Blake's book. It was remarkalbly accurate observation of a complex diplay with all four kaleidoscopic arcs, especially when one takes in to account that it was observed from a moving dog sledge. The display had also its contribution to halo science: both Tricker and Greenler used the observation to support the theoretical considerations of the kaleidoscopic arcs. In the drawing these arcs are 1) helic arc; 2) subhelic arc; 3) subanthelic arc and 4) Tricker arc. The observational account in the above image is not given full, but only from the part concerning these arcs.

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