Thursday, 27 January 2011

Elliptical halo from 22 January 2011

Midday Altocumulus move thru the area and while passing through, I get a fine corona around the sun and later on lenticular cloud formations pass through showing fine iridescence. With sun getting sort of low, more AC roll in precipating into a layer of ice crystals which forms a tall ellipse that's complete and lasted for over an hour. I got some nice pics of the display and this is a good way to start the new halo year ( 1 - 2 ).

Michael Ellestad


  1. Very nice! I've yet to see an elliptical halo.How tall are they usually?

  2. Looks like the season over there has started early ! Nice.

  3. Nick the height of the ellipse can vary with elevation. The sun was getting low when I got this one. in 2008 I go tthe display that lasted over 2 hours and the sun was higher up and the halo was close to being round.

    @ Marko, Yeah its a nice catch for me and the season is early.