Friday, 4 June 2010

Tampere Ellipse

The elliptical halo display observed yesterday by Marko Riikonen and Jari Luomanen was formed - as usual - in Ac virga. Marko had been paying much attention to Ac virgas for some time, and could therefore observe the whole display from beginning to end. From his perspective the display lasted six minutes between 10:18 - 10:24 and was uniformly good during the whole period. From Jari's place of observation, the best phase lasted a couple of seconds only.

More photos of the observation can be seen in their galleries ( 1 - 2 ).


  1. All we needed was a little aeroplane to go and check whether there was a bottlinger as well. :)

    I like Marko's images as they show the Altocumulus and the Virga very nicely.

  2. Great one there marko. I have not gotten any nice rare photoworthy halos lately. I did get a poor weak 18 deg plate arc.