Tuesday, 16 March 2010

46° halo on snow surface

I welcome all fans of halo! Yesterday, March, 14th I observed halo in interesting enough combination. In this sunny day, walking on the Finnish gulf, I always checked the sky on presence halo. But it was not in the sky, but underfoot, on a snow surface. It was faintly painted, but clearly distinguishable arc. Having seen it, I have been surprised, after all the sun was at height nearby 20°. Only next day, we with the colleague (Vladimir Galynsky) have solved that it was 46° halo.

I continued supervision. Where I went on ice of the frozen gulf, halo followed ahead of me - is visible the big area has been covered by crystals. Soon in the sky has started to inflame 22° halo which has then reached enough big brightness. This all looked very unusual - small halo in the sky, and big on the earth.

Nikita Kulanov - Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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