Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The brightest halo in a display: the Moilanen arc

Here is an example of a display where Moilanen arc intensity exceeds other halos. The arc is also sharp. If crystal sampling Moilanen arc displays has begun to feel frustrating, we still should carry the microscope with us: these kinds of displays are certainly worth a look.

The display was photographed by Harri Mänty on January 9 in Vantaa, Finland. The temperature was about -15 to -16° C. Click the image to see the rest of Mänty's photos.


  1. All that we need is a pocket size scanning electronic microscope. It would be plenty interesting to be able to reveal all the details of crossed plates in these samples.

  2. The temperature here is the worst possible (below water saturation conditions) but still there is a rather nice display. This one has also helic arc, it came was visible in usmed image. No usm in the above image, however, because it would have brightened the parhelion disproportionately because of the tree wigs.