Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Forked Pillars and Helic Arcs

I expanded the "Forked Pillars and Helic Arcs" article. As before, it is on my page ( 1 ). For observers probably the most intriguing addition to the article is the suggestion to watch for a zenith ring. With hindsight the idea of a zenith ring is painfully obvious.

Walt Tape


  1. Right, we should have shot massive stacks of that region. Oh bugger! However, we did observe the zenith area visually at times and did not see anything that would have caught our attention.

    I like this treatment as it gives clarity to the phenomenon and its relationship with other halos. I wonder when the next observation will be made.

  2. As always, Walt's treatment is pure steel.

  3. Thanks for this insight, Walt! It is another exciting piece of writing from you. The phenomena are described in such a clear way. I bet it won't take too long to get the first photo - and I'm quite sure it'll be from Finland.