Thursday, 24 December 2009

Moilanen arc display crystal sampled

On the 14th November Mika Aho, Ágnes Kiricsi and I were hunting halos around Himos ski resort. Diamond dust was all over the place but it was not good, offering at best less than mediocre displays. At one stage when Moilanen arc was visible, I sampled crystals while Mika and Ágnes photographed the halos. The display was pretty stable during the time the petri dish was out, so the crystal photos should be representative. See more photos of the display ( 1 ) and crystals ( 2 ). An earlier stage without Moilanen arc ( 3 ) was also crystal sampled ( 4 ).

Marko Riikonen


  1. Now I think it's really worth having another look at Marko's crystal photos from 2007/2008.

  2. Some of the crystals are awfully similar to the one that's in W.Tape Dec.8 post.

  3. I can see some crossed plates in the sample but in the non-Moilanen display I did not see any crossed plates so I think we are on to something. Good work guys.