Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Halo Season in the Czech Republic

The halo season has started in the Czech Republic, too. The above image was shot by Jiri Papez on 13 December in Dvoracky ski center. Nearby on Lysa hora the display was captured by the camera ( 1 ).


  1. Let's hope January brings more displays from Czech. We have had continuous cold from mid-December and they have been getting the flanks ready rapidly. Small centers have already wrapped it up. The problem for the halo people has been overcast skies or too low temps (below -10 C) that produce crappy displays. It is looking bleak. The cold continues under overcast skies and soon the season is over even in the big centers.

  2. in our season ended 20.12 with the advent of warmer weather.
    hopefully in January will be cold again.

  3. sub-halos phenomena to snezka (18.12.):