Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bright Tricker arcs in Prichovice

On 10 January 2009, Jan Smejkal observed a complex display in Prichovice, in which some rarer halo forms - such as the anthelion brightened by crossing Tricker arcs - were in action, too. The more frequent halo arcs included suncave and sunvex Parrys, Wegener, a faint helic, upper Tape arcs and subhelic arc ( 1234567 ). The photos also show a weak Liljequist parhelion ( 8 ).

Jan Smejkal described the weather during the complex halo in the following way: "On 10 January 2009, Prichovice was slightly above inversion, and time to time some very thin clouds crossed the sun. The display was observed at different intesities from around 9:00 until 11:30UTC when the sun got covered by clouds."

More information on the Czech diamond dust displays can be found in some articles at the following site: ( 9 ).

Text: Martin Popek and Matej Grek


  1. There are some very beautiful diamond dust displays in the link 9. And especially Tricker anthelic arcs in this posting are marvellous.

  2. This display has a South Polean feel. There are thick stratus clouds around that have turned locally into ice crystals. Too bad we dont get displays formed this way in Finland.