Wednesday, 19 November 2008

View below horizon

One of the advantages of bright spotlight is that you need not to go through the trouble of getting in Ilyushin IL-76 to have a good view of halos below horizon. In diamond dust, just place the light below the horizon and above the horizon you will have a below horizon halo view. As in the photo here.


  1. Good observation once again. Mikkilä and I also managed to shoot some sub-horizontal halos during our recent trip to Rovaniemi. We'll post about them and some other stuff in a few days' time.

  2. Great experiment try that when you get an all plate crystal swarm and see if you can get the sub CZA and the most sought after sub 120d parhelia keep up the good work you maybe famous one day.

  3. Right, Michael. That's what we've been after actually, but good enough plate swarms have not yet occurred in our few negative lamp elevation experiments.