Friday, 28 November 2008

Halos on 6 November in Rovaniemi

The diamond dust that developed on the night of 5/6 November stayed until next midday. Here are two photos of what was seen in the daytime. The diffuse arcs were at times quite strong, showing up against buildings some 100 meters distant. But I did not manage to get a photo when they were at their best.


  1. Seeing the diffuse arcs against ground objects so near is undoubtedly rare as far as sun displays go.

  2. Very nice display with ther upper convex parry arc and nice sky background as well. I wonder what this would look like at night with a halogen running

  3. Michael, actually I think you have seen it. Some of the photos taken previous night may very well be equivalent with this display - it was continuous diamond dust conditions from midnight to midday.