Saturday, 13 September 2008

Odd radius halos in Nydek

After a year of non-pyramidal halo complexes, finally a pyramidal one appeared. On 10 September, I (Martin Popek) observed 9°, 18°, 20°, 23° and maybe a 24° halo, together with weak 9°, both 18° and 23° parhelion, which was separated from the 23° halo. 50 images were stacked using RegiStax. Notice the bad anomalies which are created by Bishop's ring ( 1 - 2 ).

The phenomena formed in thick cirrostratus clouds before the arrival of a warm front. Some meteorogical data are also provided ( 3 - 4 ).

Text: Martin Popek, Matej Grek


  1. This one display was very nice ... unfortunately i've managed to observe only a portion of 22 or 23(?) halo. Well, too bad i haven't stacked some images.

  2. Good display. But what anomalies? Don't see anything.

  3. By anomalies, we ment those like "circles" at some photos. As we said, it was done by Bishop's ring. Here is link to photo where the anomalie can be seen ---