Saturday, 30 August 2008

High-sun parry arc in Ohio USA 8-22-08

For the first time since April 10th I have gotten some photoworthy halos. In all I got 22° halo complete circumscribed halo, complete parhelic circle, circumhorizontal arc, and my first high-sun parry ( 1 - 2 ). I saw reports of high-sun parry a couple days before on the blog but when I spotted a faint but clearly visible arc separate from the top of the circumscribed halo I knew that I was looking at a high-sun parry. While taking photos I searched carefully for lower suncave parry arc but it was not to be found. So the concentration of parry falling crystals was small. While I was unloading groceries from my mother's truck I held very still and took a bunch of photos to make a stack set which I stacked that day. I also did a simulation with HaloSim and using the gap between upper parry and the circumscribed halo as a reference the elevation was 61 degrees( 3 ).

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