Saturday, 29 December 2007

halo search engine

Google has created a new service, "Custom Search Engine". I used this service to create a "Halo search" - search on all good sites dedicated to halo phenomena. This service can be used on any webpage (simple script), or on the home search page.

For example, when I try to search Minnaert's cigar in Halo Seach - I get 3 links, then try to search in a google "Minnaert's cigar" - 4 link, then in google, but Minnaert's cigar (without "") - 341.

You are welcome to use and improve it.


  1. Thanks for sharing it Vladimir. Nice idea. I have tried your custom search engine and it proves to be very useful. So much nicer than going through all the crap that a simple google search might result in. I even added it to my own page.

  2. Great move, Vladimir! I compared normal google and halo google with "44 parhelia" and certainly halo google works much better.

    This puts on us more pressures to write things correct in our postings.

  3. thanks! This is beta version, and I study how to work with it, how add sites and how use options.
    So, label "blog" "photos galery" while dosn't correct.. but I hope, that this will be soon improve.

  4. Vladimir, your idea is great, thanks and congratulation!!!