Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Halo Complex 15th October 2007

After over 90 days of above 90 degree temps and no halos this half-way decent display shows itsself in high clouds. Upon leaving work, I got quite a few photos. In all I got 22d halo, parhelia, upper tangent arc, bits of parhelic circle, infralateral arcs, 120d parhelia, and an upper suncave parry arc. While on the road I observed a rather bright 120d parhelion on the left side. As the patch of cloud shifted to the north the blue spot appeared and got several photos of it. When enhanced, the bluespot shows green, blue and purple and possible red but can't be sure. The one photo showing the Parry has ugly power lines but could not help that because I was shooting out the car window. If you wondering if I was driving at the time I wasn't because one should not drive and take photos at the same time. During those halo free days the temps were breaking records even in October and it was nice to see halos again.


  1. Nice pictures, Michael. But to be honest, I'm a bit sceptical about the red spot in the photo. In the enhanced image the clouds seem having the same pinkish shade. But the green is really there!

  2. Marko the middle photo is 120d parhelion I shot up close with the macro lens and as far as colors go with the blue spot I clearly saw green blue and purple but I could see a hint or red unless my eyes is playing tricks but who knows just got to keep looking up.

    And Agnes thanks glad you liked what I got there because thats the first good halo in a very long time and was good to see a fairly decent display. I hope for more like more parrys, odd radius or wegener and heliac arcs like I saw in 2006 which was a year for firsts as halos go. in 2005 I photographed my first elliptical halo and did it twice.