Thursday, 16 August 2007

Elliptical halos over Deventer

14 August 2007 - At the edge of a large, smooth-structured Altocumulus bank, elliptical halos appeared at 1100, and from 1113 to 1120 UTC. In the first stage, the halo was complete and quite bright, although hardly coloured. It remained too short to get the camera ready. In the second stage, the halo was quite bright as well, and uncoloured, and sometimes partly covered by the continuously passing-over Altocumulus edge. Several photographs were able to be made (Nikon D80, AF-S Nikkor justed on 45mm). At 1113 UTC there were sections of two different elliptic halos visible. The inner remainded visible and was complete, even shining through the Altocumulus. The Altocumulus became increasingly dense and halos disappeared at 1120 UTC. Solar elevations from 51.7 to 51.9degs.

Peter-Paul Hattinga Verschure, Deventer The Netherlands


  1. Frank Nieuwenhuys19 August 2007 at 09:50

    Let's recall to April 23rd 2006:
    Curiously, we had about the same situation: a while before Peter-Paul observed an Elliptical halo in Deventer, I noticed a halo with a 120 deg. Parhelion from The Hague.
    Now, on August 14th last, just before Peter-Paul caught his Elliptical halo in Deventer, I
    caught a 120 deg. Parhelion (at 10.05 UT at The Hague) again! Remarkably, it was the only halo I noticed that day.
    The evening before (August 13th),
    a fine halo appeared over The Hague, with bright parhelia, a brilliant V-shape upper tangent arc and an Upper Sunvex Parry arc.

    Frank Nieuwenhuys
    The Hague, Netherlands