Friday, 2 February 2007

First odd radius halos observed 31st January 2007

While at work on break I saw some cirrus clouds gather in the sky and I later saw a halo appear so I got my camera out of the car and my sunglasses. As the minutes passed I notice that there were three halos: 9 degree halo 18 degree halo and possible 23 degree halo. The left side of the 9 degree halo looks strange because it is brighter on one side and has a somewhat vertical look to it.

When I later downloaded the pictures I went through them with adobe photoshop and I applied the USM and I noticed possible 20 degree halo and even a 35 degree halo! You can see at least 4 halos in the enhanced photo. The possible 9 degree column arc and 35 degree halo have been pointed out with black arrows.


  1. Nice display Michael.

    But I do not buy your 9d column arcs. Where is 22d column arc = tangent arc. I can not see anything that point out anything else but plain 9d halo.

  2. Jarmo when I was watching the halos I could see weakness of 9d halo on top and on bottom. It could be that the pyramidal columns may have been in an isolated strip but ya never know.