Monday, 15 January 2007

Moilanen arc display with cell phone camera

Jaakko Tähti photographed this moderate display with Moilanen arc on 12. January 2007 in Viitasaari. "The halo display lasted for about four hours and changed constantly. It was a pity I was working inside. At times however I went to take some pics", says Tähti who used his cell phone camera for photographing. The vague double structure in the upper tangent arc seems to indicate that the display contains also an upper sunvex Parry arc.

The following night diamond dust was drifting also in Tampere and Hyvinkää. See the divergent light halos by Jari Luomanen and Jukka Ruoskanen.


  1. Very impressive for a cellphone photo.

    The divergent light halos are very superb.

  2. In my point of view it's actually interesting to see -in the past couple of and years in the near future- how mobile cameras are affecting to halo photography. More and more people have camera phones around today.

    I personnally do not think that is the benefit of using the mobile phone camera itself, because of the "hype" or because "others have it also". But what I think is the best of it, is that more and more people are carrying mobile phones. And that means more propable there is camera with you, when some good halo display appears.

    Still today in my opinion, mobile cameras cannot be directly compared to digital compact cameras. Different people, and different purpose of the camera. Would it be better to have multiple camera phones - or just "a couple" of people carrying quality camera, I do not know yet. We're living interesting times...