Monday, 6 November 2006

Diamond dust from Himos snow guns

Mika Aho was also on the halo move on Saturday 4. November. He headed for the Himos ski centre, where some 30 snow guns were operational. The trip was worthwhile. From skiing flanks spread an ice crystal cloud that, even though a bit unclean in appearance, presented some of the rarest halos.

These rare halos are best shown in the photo on the left where several white arcs are seen crossing the sky. Wegener, helic, subhelic, subanthelic and Tricker arcs are all present. Outside Antarctica subanthelic arc has been observed reliably only twice before, both times in Finland. Now Aho's photos add the third observation.

More of the display is to be found here. Like Oksanen, also Aho got halos in moonlight the following night. These photos are under the same link.


  1. I think there's also Hastings anthelic arc in the left photo, on left side of upper tangent/parry. Unbelievable display.

  2. Wow Mika unreal unreal!! I wish I was there the way I take photos my camera would be smoking!!

  3. Mika I can also see Moilanen arc in your photos as well again congrads on a super halo display.

  4. Yes, there is Moilanen arc and Tape arcs, I did not mind to list all the rare halos in the display.