Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Diamond dust display in Jämsä

To fill the weekend of diamond dust halos in Finland, Simo Romo sent photographs of a display that was seen on sunday 5. November in Jämsä. The location is not far from Himos ski center where previous night and day Mika Aho photographed good displays, so it's probable that this one also originated from snow machines.

In addition to photographed halos there was also something else to be seen: "I was heading east and in the north-easten sky there was as if a brighter column of fog. Probably it was part of the phenomenon", writes Simo. Most likely he was looking at a diffuse anthelic arc.

The upper photograph is a panorama made of several individual images. The process has not been completely successful and that's why on the left side of upper tangent arc is an artefact.


  1. There appears to be a faint heliac arc in the second photo, becoming visible via USM. It doesn't seem
    to be so rare after all. Soon I've got no option but to move near a ski resort. :)

  2. Yeah, heliac arc is well visible. I just thought not to make point of it, it's basic component of these displays.