Monday, 14 August 2006

Subhorizon diffuse arcs with Liljequist subparhelia

Francesco De Comité took this great photo from an airplane between Brussels and Madrid in 7 August 2006 at 19h31. Unfortunately no more additional photos are available from this display.

There is really well developed diffuse anthelic arcs crossing subparhelic circle. Subanthelion point is illuminated by these arcs. In this case it is clear that there is no subanthelion, since bright spot on subanthelion point has clearly square shape caused by diffuse arcs. Column ice crystals have to have good orientation.

Other very rare halo shown in this photo is broader segments on parhelic circle on both sides on subanthelion point. Unfortunately these broader segments are not very clear and they are cutted by edges of the photo. These broader brightenings are so called Liljequist subparhelia caused by plate ice crystals. Liljequist subparhelia have been photographed earlier at least by Walter Tape (see Tape's book Atmospheric Halos in page 71). Tape's display is very similar than this Francesco's display.

Since Francesco's display has rare halo made by plate ice crystals, it would be a really good case to look for still undocumented 120° subparhelia. Hunt for 120° subparhelia is still going on...

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  1. Wow now thats cool looking right now think the same thing about the 120d subparhelia and I hope one day someone will get them. Right now we are still poverished as far as halos and optics go. Did not get much more than a poor 22d halo today.