Sunday, 19 March 2006

Upper Lowitz Arc in the German Alps

At October the 15th 2005 in southern Germany was one of the greatest Halophenomena, which has ever been observed in Germany. It was photographically documented by six observers on a latitude of 100 km. There was seen a bright 22° halo, glittering bright sundogs with absolute clear colours and a high part of blue, a complete and bright upper tangent arc, a reddish lower tangent arc, a highly coloured and complete Circumzenithal arc, a light-coloured and nearly complete Parhelic Circle, the complete Lowitz arcs, the Anthelion, the 120 deg parhelia with oblique arcs, a single Superlateral arc, both Infralateral arcs as well as a beauty of Parry arc. Altogether there were seen 15 miscellaneous Halo types with 20 appearances.

By Claudia Hinz

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  1. Yep I remember that display, I like the upper lowitz arcs, the parry arc and nice parhelic circle.