Saturday, 18 February 2006

Rare Halos in Japan

Hello from Japan.

In my web site, I have a log of halos and atmospheric optical phenomena observations.

Many (Japanese) people send me their observations, from ordinary ones like 22-degree halo to very rare ones.

Here I introduce two cases of odd radius halos in my site. I'm sorry that descriptions in the pages are written in Japanese, but you can see photos of halo displays anyway.

May 17, 2005, Odd Radius Halos in Yanai (top image of this article)


  1. Hi Yuji, how are names of atuhors of display 16.8.2004? Thank you.

  2. Great stuff! Nice 9° column arcs in 2004 and may be also 20° column arcs. Plus there is faint 35° halo. And all the other stuff. 2005 display has also 9 and 20° col arcs.

  3. Hi Yuji,

    You have a lot of nice halo and atmoshperic optic photos. I watch halos a lot and in 2005 I get elliptical halo twice then this year wegener and heliac arcs.

    Greetings from the USA

  4. Hi Partik, names of authors are here,

    May 17, 2005:
    Yanai Display (xrh050517-2m.jpg) by Mr. Hashimoto

    Aug 16, 2004:
    Shiojiri Display (xrh040816-3m.jpg, xrh040816-4m.jpg) by Mr. Yasuike
    Kanazawa Display (xrh040816-2.jpg) by Mr. Akinoko (his handle)
    Tokyo Display (xrh040816-9m.jpg) by Mr. Asato (his handle)
    Gifu Display (xhl040816-10m.jpg) by Mr. Kizawa

    Hi Marko,
    in xrh040816-3m.jpg, I think that also 18°and 24°arcs may be seen.
    How do you think?

    Hi Michael,
    I myself have not seen rare halos like odd radius halo or wegener arc....
    I live in Tokyo, but I missed the one seen in Aug 16, 2004,
    by just a little difference of timing!

  5. Yes, there is 18° and 24° stuff as well. It's a bit difficult to say whether they are column arcs or circular halos. Surely the crystals were not random, but rather in poor column orientations. Plus that there is plate orientation.

    What's the sun elevation for xrh040816-3m.jpg?

  6. Yuji,

    If you have not done it yet I would like to invite you to visit my atmospheric optics homepage and if you are into tornadoes like I am then you will like my tornado generator. I also have auroras, and in the rainbows section I have a gallery showing unusual rainbows and I also have a large halo page with many galleries.

    Please feel free to email me anytime.

  7. Marko,
    the sun elevation for for xrh040816-3m.jpg is about 51°.

    thank you for your invitation.
    I've googled and found your homepage.
    The tornado generator seems intresting!
    Now it is so late at night (in Japanese time),
    I will enjoy other stuff in your page later.

  8. Yuji,

    I hope you enjoy my homepage some more when you get the time. If you ever want to use any of my halo pics on your site or share them with other fellow skywatchers in Japan please feel free to email me.

  9. Yuji,

    I visited your homepage and I'm really flabbergasted. You have unbelievable pictures and maybe we should make a second blog side with general incredibly atmospherical phenomena like your rainbows (
    That's just about the limit.

    enthusing greetings