Friday, 3 February 2006

Diamond dust in Prague

Today (on 3. February 2006) Prague citizens had a nice morning surprise - diamond dust. HOP members (Tomas Trzicky and Katerina Juzova) and others observed bright sundogs, 22 deg halo, circumzenithal arc, faint parhelic circle and very nice 120 deg parhelia (see photo by Tomas Trzicky). Halos appeared even in an internet newspapers here and a guy called to the radio: "I see rainbows!". All photos and videos are here and here.


  1. The display looks like there was not much crystals on the ground, but rather the crystal layer was some tens or perhaps hundreds meters above ground.

  2. Yes indeed, there were ice crystals in a higher level during the display, especially at the end of it (the photo of 120 deg parhelion was taken at that time). But earlier the crystals were glittering even near ground, but still not enough to resolve them on photos or produce subsun (here is one of earlier photos from that morning: