Friday, 20 January 2006

Wegener arcs and heliac observed in Ohio USA

Here's the pics and the Wegener and heliac arcs are annotated with black arrows.

The pics were taken on Jan 15th 2006.


  1. Michael, congratulations to interesting observations. Have you any photos on the web?

  2. Was a high cloud display. Heliac arc in high clouds is rarity. Congrats! Hope to see photos soon.

  3. Roman,

    Yes that was a rare treat before I got those halos I got elliptical halo. I have photographed a lot of rare halos but those rare arcs from columns were had me saying thank you God quite a few times. I don't have the pics on the web but I can email them to you


    Yes that was a high alittitude cirrus cloud display and don't worry I got the pics, just have to send em.