Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Halo reports blog opened!

Hi all skywatchers!

This is just opened site to help report halo observations. As this is just opened, we do not have much to report yet. But lets hope that we will have something to tell you about halos. Idea is that there may be several contributors to this blog instead of one. So we probably get more better view what kind of halos are seen around our planet.

Halos are colored or white patch, rings or spots of light formed by sun or moon light refracting or reflecting on ice crystals in atmosphere.

Have a nice skywatching!


  1. Super, mega, giga, tera!!! Thank you Jarmo, Marko! P.

  2. Hi Jarmo and Marko!
    It seems, that this page will be GREAT in future. It is VERY GOOD idea! I wish You many success with this GREAT page and many beauifull haloes!!!

  3. Hello I´m Martin Jankovic. I´m from czech republic. This halo blog is super.